Tips To Write a Friendship Letter

Here is a familiar scenario.You go out, do your leg work, and meet a girl you really like. You hit it off, and wanting it to go further, you spend quite a bit of time the woman’s.You should become intimate; but somehow, somewhere, things happen. Really wrong. You hear the words that every man hates hearing when trying to attract a woman: “Let’s just be friends”.Ouch. Many a man has felt attraction toward a female but didn’t know the best way to proceed because it had already been established that he and she were “just friends.”

And as anyone who’s been Friendship day photos the reason situation can tell you – when that happens, you not have an IDEA how to alter it!Most guys outside have been from a similar plight (at least I know I have!). Several years ago, however, I stumbled upon a secret largely unknown by most men.I realized blunder most guys make is in thinking they have to coax a woman they are friends with into seeing them as a possible boyfriend before creating a move on her.Think

of the guy, for example, who attentively watches and listens as his “gal pal” wails over her current love life, soon after which assures her that he’d make a better boyfriend than her current one.Or, think about another example, think about the guy who’s been friends having a woman for years and finally gets in the gall to let her know his true feelings. Both of these will be common cases – and both of them are the WORST possible things precisely what people do to if you actually want to obtain a result!Why are of these avenues so bad?Because they’re incongruent with the pre-established “Just Be Friends” condition which has been imposed on the relationship!You can’t simply change her mind about this you’re getting logical, or conversely, melodramatic about that.

A confession will not work.But here’s where things take a bizarre turn for far better.Many women have no qualms about becoming romantically involved their own guy friends. To many of these women, this is a lesser amount of a big deal than dating or becoming his fiancee! (Strange, but true.)Understand – women have needs too. Even ladies explicitly tell you that they are just open to developing a platonic relationship are probably more interested in moving beyond that than you think.I